Electromagnetic Information Transfer to Natural Water

The use of electromagnetic information transfer in clinical practice has been gaining momentum due to its documented potential benefits in managing various conditions such as joint and back pain, chronic kidney disease, psoriasis, and depression. The working hypothesis is that the therapeutic electromagnetic information transfer has clinical benefit through a resonance effect – that is resonance occurs between the electromagnetic signal and the targeted tissues, organs, and/or entire organism causing both local and systemic effects. Recently, a pilot study was published that looked at the effect of electromagnetic information transfer through an aqueous system on stress (koriste se materijali sa web stranice partnera www.infopathy.com).

Stručnjaci MAIM također krenuli s istraživanjima u domeni informacijskog prijenosa putem elektro-magnetske impulsne tehnologije neposredno u centru u Republici Hrvatskoj. Pozivamo do suradnje sve zainteresirane osobe. Više o aktualnoj tehnologiji možete proćitati ovdje.

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