NFT Healthyceuticals – the new tech. of the information medicine

NFT Healthyceuticals – the new tech. of the information medicine

Healthyceuticals (collection Healthy Clouds on https://opensea.io/collection/healthyclouds in particular) are modern health boosting designs and tools created/improved/developed by Dr.Sarancha (G.P., Ph.D) with colleagues. Healthyceuticals are the items imprinted with use of scientifically proven methods based on the paradigms of the informational medicine, e.g. electromagnetic, optical imprinting, empowering with use of neurocognitive methods.

Proposed collection of NFTs called “HealthyClouds” has been recently gifted by Mother Nature when cloud complexes emerged around specific geomagnetic zones so called Places of Power, after being captured by a camera and then charged by the pendulum operator. “HealthyClouds” positive health boosting effect is repeatable and renewable, tested on healthy persons and patients worldwide (informed concent signed according to the local regulations). HealthyClouds are visual boosters and remedies.

After you purchase your HealthyCloud, to get a positive effect on your health and mood, you may use it as a screensaver, printed photo on the wall or working place or just save it as a picture in your smartphone. Just look at it from 3 to 9 minutes per day, 3 times per week and after a month of use you will see the results. The main effect of a particular HealthyCloud can be understood from its name.

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