Information Medicine: An Application of the New Paradigm in Medicine

Information medicine is a new application and development of an age-old method of healing. It re-creates and re-discovers a method that has proved its merits for thousands of years through a synthesis with new developments in new-paradigm physics and biology. The basic premise of information medicine is the use of information to correct faulty or blocked information-flows in the organism. As the latest discoveries, among others by Dr. Biava, show, even cancerous cells can be reprogrammed through the introduction of substances that provide the correct information. Also, electromagnetic information can produce corrective re-programming, introducing an era of soft, information-based healing not as a substitute for, but as a complement to, the current biochemical substance and physical intervention-based methods (by Maria Sagi)

The Journal of New Paradigm Research

Volume 72, 2016 – Issue 3-4: The New Paradigm in Medicine

Proceed to full text: https://doi.org/10.1080/02604027.2016.1194088

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