Prof. Vlail Petrovich Kaznacheyev & the dawn of XXI century science

We are pleased to announce our updated web page and even more so to dedicate it to the outstanding scientist and academician Vlail Petrovich Kaznacheyev. Prof. Kaznacheyev was born on this day of July 17 (1924) in the city of Tomsk. His scientific activity began in 1945 with the study of transcapillary exchange and microcirculation. In 1963 he became the Head of the Novosibirsk State Medical Institute and led the Institute until 1970. Under the guidance and assistance of V.P. Kaznacheev, in 1971 the Siberian Subsidiary of the Academy of Medical Sciences of USSR was founded. In 1980 he founded the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (ICEM). ICEM researchers began to conduct researches that analyzed the mechanisms of human adaptation to life in the North and other extreme situations. Vlail Petrovich trained 52 candidates and 30 doctors of sciences, published more than 800 scientific papers in the field of medicine, biophysics, ecology, sociology, pedagogy, cosmology, made 15 inventions and discoveries. He also published 52 monographs in USSR and abroad. Prof. Kaznacheyev was a scientist who made a huge contribution to the development of Informational Medicine and Psychoenergetic Science with such works as “Bioinformation function of natural electromagnetic fields”, “Clinical aspects of polar medicine”, “Cosmoplanetary Phenomenon of Man: Problems of Comprehensive Study”, “Thoughts on the problems of general pathology at the turn of the XXI century”, etc. We are honoured to be able to implement practical aspects of his works to our routine medical practice. 

To find the books and published articles of V.P Kaznachezev you may follow the link: https://www.koob.ru/kaznacheev_v_p/

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